Mr. WeikelA Kodak Brownie Holiday was my first camera, a wondrous gift for a little boy in 1957. I ran outside and took my very first picture–a shot of our next-door neighbor. Mr. Weikel stood there in his work clothes, hands on hips, looking right at me. The joy in his big smile made the picture a masterpiece in my young eyes, although his expression is indiscernible in the blurry photo.  A kid with his first camera:  it was magic!  All these years later every time I shoot, that little kid shows up.  And it still feels like magic.

~ ~ ~

As a non-commercial photographer, I enjoy the freedom of following my personal vision. Being part of the vast photographic community has afforded me the opportunity to engage with other photographers and artists who continue to inspire me with their passion, vitality, and generosity of spirit.

In gratitude and appreciation I tip my hat to artists everywhere who have had the courage to share their work with the world. I encourage us all to follow our hearts, follow our vision, and keep trudging the road of creativity.

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— Ed